Monthly Calendar with Altenew Stamps

by Zinia

Hello everyone! It's Zinia here and today I'd like to share with you a fun little project I created with my Altenew stamps to keep myself organized and productive.

Some of you might already be planner enthusiasts and some of you might be intimidated to plan ahead. Whatever's the case with you, there's always a reason to keep a monthly calendar on your desk or your wall for big reminders. It can be work-related, house planning, or just birthdays and anniversaries.

I started by printing a simple 5×7 grid which I quickly created in my document creation software to make sure all my lines were straight. If you don't mind a little bit of extra work you can totally create your grid with a ruler and a pen.

To mark the day names, I used the Journal Card Builder and the beautiful Andromeda ink. Since my squares were smaller than the day stamps, I masked them off and only used the first three letters of each day. For Saturday and Sunday, I used the word “weekend” instead of the individual days to make it a bit more exciting.

I filled in the numbers of the dates and then added my reminder highlights. To make my notes stand out, I used the little images from the Watercolor Dots Stamp Set. Their size was perfect as bullet points in a calendar.

Last but certainly not least, I had to add some floral decorations around the calendar. I picked the beautiful Ethereal Beauty Stamp Set and added a few of the flowers around the frame to make it look happy and exciting. You can really use any flower images you love in any color palette. Actually, it's a great idea to create a calendar every month using different images and colors.

Thanks for stopping by! Happy scrapping!


Ethereal Beauty Stamp Set
[ ALTN ]
Ethereal Beauty Die Set
[ ALTN ]
Ethereal Beauty stamp and die set
[ ALTN ]
Journal Card Builder Stamp Set
[ ALTN ]
Watercolor Dots Stamp Set
[ ALTN ]
Andromeda Crisp Dye Ink
[ ALTN ]
Jet Black Crisp Dye Ink
[ ALTN ]
Tropical Forest Oval Set
[ ALTN ]
Sweet Dreams Oval Set
[ ALTN ]

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