Stamp Focus: Wavy Roses

by Zinia

.Hello everyone it's Zinia here and today I'd like to share with you four different ways to color the Wavy Roses Stamp Set.

This is such a fun and versatile set. It's very easy to color even for beginners. Depending on the coloring style you follow, you can create a completely different mood for your card.

Messy Watercolors

For this style, you want to stamp the images in embossing ink and heat emboss them with clear embossing powder. Then very loosely add layers of watercolor. For the first layer of color, I used a lot of water and worked wet on wet. Once that dried, I added additional color in smaller areas to make the images look even prettier.

I finished the card by adding a sentiment in black and a strip of paper at the bottom to add some contrast to the composition.

Semi-Realistic Watercolors

This next card is also using watercolors but this time we are going to use a more detailed application of color. We are going to add a little bit of shading to create a semi-realistic effect. To achieve that, you want to add a darker shade of color at the base of the petal. Then blend it out transitioning to a lighter shade. To make the shading more lively, use a slightly different hue of color for the shadows.

I also decided to add some ink splatters on the images so I sprinkled on a darker shade of watercolor and some Pure White Ink Spray.

Simple Color Blocking

This is probably the easiest coloring technique ever. All you want to do is to pick a few shades of Artist Markers and start coloring. You want to have solid coverage of color in each petal and leaf shape.

In my card, I created an impression of depth by using lighter colors for the outer petals and darker shades as I went closer to the center. To add some more details, I added tiny dots here and there using similar shades of markers.

Smooth Blending

Last but not least, this set looks really beautiful with some simple alcohol marker blending. This is a very popular technique. All you need to do is to transition from a darker shade to a lighter shade. Again, you want the darker color at the base of each petal/leaf.

There are different approaches on how to achieve this effect. I personally prefer filling each shape with the lightest color first. Then adding the darkest, blend it into the medium shade, and then go over everything with the lightest color again.


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