3 Creative Colorful Projects with Majestic Bouquet Stamp Set (+ video tutorial)

by Nathalie

Hello friends!

Nathalie here to share 3 creative colorful projects with Majestic Bouquet stamp set.   There is so much to love in this stamp set.  First, it is the largest one available at Altenew; then the design is delicate and easy to layer with great results.   There is so much you can create with it as it  the perfect size for all types of paper crafting.

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Today, I want to give 3 ideas that will show you different levels of coloring with the same stamp set.  Let's start:

  1.  Black and White

@altenew_MAJESTIC BOUQUET Stamp set Highlight by Nathalie DeSousa


The details in the Majestic Bouquet Stamp set are beautiful, and can easily stand on their own.    For my page,   I am mixing a fun colorful background that matches the colors in the photo ( Moroccan Lattice Cover Die and Reflection Scrapbook collection patterned paper).  Since there is quite  bit of color  in the background, then I am choosing to go for a black and white florals for the page.

All the details in the flowers are intrinsic.   A bit of color (ink blending) to the center of each blooms adds to the definition, resulting in clear two flower cluster.   To finish the page, I am adding simple titles and sentiments that do not compete with the  floral images.

2. Partial color

@altenew_MAJESTIC BOUQUET Stamp Set Highlight by Nathalie Desousa

For this spread, I am using partial color layering to achieve bright blooms that will highlight the  photo.  The key here is to add a hint of the colors in the photo to the florals, hence a partial layer.  I am choosing to skip the first step of the layering process to give each flower more white space.

The following video will showcase how the page comes together using the Majestic Bouquet Stamp set.  You can watch it here, or in HD at Altenew's YouTube chanel:

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Just love how this page came together with this partial layering idea. Now, let's move onto the last creative coloring idea project.

3.  Total color

@Altenew_MAJESTIC BOUQUET Stamp Set Highlight by Nathalie DeSousa
For my last project, I wanted to highlight the small arrows on the photo.  Therefore, I am choosing to use a fully colored floral images for the page.  The colors of the flower ( Martian Terrain Crisp Dye Ink Mini Cube Set) are similar in tone to the ones in the photo.   The small patterned paper mats ( Enjoy the Ride patterned paper, Poured Acrylic 6×6 Paper Pack) create the necessary contrast for the picture and florals.

As in the previous projects, I am keeping the rest of the sentiments and embellishments very subtle so that the layout is cohesive and clean.


@altenew_MAJESTIC BOUQUET STAMP SET highlight by Nathalie DeSOusa

I hope these three  creative colorful projects with the Majestic Bouquet stamp set give you inspiration for  projects of your own!





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