Stenciling on Fabric With Penny Pynnonen – December 2021 Guest Designer

by Altenew

Hello everyone! Today is a special day as we have our last Guest Designer of 2021, Penny Pynnonen, who will share with us how to do stenciling on fabric!

Penny is a Certified Educator and she was certified earlier this year. She has hosted one workshop since then and has been helping her fellow Educators out by providing moderating duties for their workshops!

Get to know Penny

Hi all!  I am so excited to be a Guest Designer today!  I have been scrapbooking and card-making for 15 years.  What started out as a minor hobby to do with friends has turned into a major part of my life and I only want to do more.  In April 2021, I finished the Altenew Educators Certification Program and learned so much.  I LOVE to work with many different mediums and have been trying new things every week.  I am a Christian, wife, mother, grandma, lover of nature, gardener, and photographer in addition to an artist.  I have a traveling studio as my husband has a city house in Midland, MI and I have a country house in Sterling, MI.  We go back and forth between places and travel as well.  Makes life interesting.  You can find me on my blog; on Instagram; and Penny Pynnonen or Folded With Care on Facebook.

Stenciling on fabric

I was ecstatic to see the new colors of Altenew’s Mixed Media Inks. They are gorgeous and so easy to use. I purchased the blue and yellow sets as I already had the first colors… now I have them all.

Imagine my glee as I opened the box and ran them into a newly decorated half bath I have in my house — did Altenew plan these colors for me with my decorating? It surely seemed so. The wall paint was so close to the Persian Blue that I jumped for joy. I needed something to put on this wall so now I used these inks to create a DIY wall hanging.

I chose the Craft Your Life Project Kit: Hello Beautiful for my project.

First, I stamped some flowers with a black outline on paper and used the stencils to color them with the Glacier Caves Mixed Media inks. I decided the best combination, in the end, was using Sapphire for the outline, Arctic for the flowers, highlighted with Persian Blue, Buttercream, and Warm Sunshine for the flower centers, and Frayed Leaf and Forest Glades for the leaves. I tried these all on paper first and die cut them so that I would then be able to plan a layout on cloth.

Planning is so important to figure what you like and how to position it.  I created an 8” square in the middle with 4” squares around the outside.  Using grid paper, I sketched out my design. I cut paper squares the sizes I wanted; then I actually stamped the big square so I would know how it would look.  The finished project would be about 16” square.

I was surprised how much this step helped!  When it came to stamping on cloth squares, I was able to put the paper underneath the cloth and use my MISTI to position the stamps to outline.  This allowed me to know how and where to position the flowers on the center square.

I stamped the two largest flowers only in the center and used the smaller double flower stamp for the outside squares.  The outside squares were just the right size for me to put one stamp on each – and I rotated the flower around so that the smaller flower was facing the outside of the wall hanging.

Stenciling these inks onto the fabric was super easy and lined up extremely well.  Some key tips for stenciling on fabric include rotating the stencil until you are sure you have it aligned well, masking off with tape those areas you do not want to be colored, using the right size blending brush for the stencil area, and washing off stencils between colors.  I found the large Altenew blending brushes gave me too many mistakes and unwanted color but the Altenew Small Ink Blending Tools were perfect.

These inks are special in that they are water-based but will be permanent if heat set.  This is important when working on cloth if you ever want to wash your project.  After each color or color family of stamping, I heat set this with a dry iron.  Yes, I could have used the heat tool but the iron ensured a more even heat and less chance to miss a spot.  Don’t skip this step.

Once all the squares were finished, I set them out on the table and began sewing them together.  All of the squares were cut to have a quarter-inch seam allowance and my machine nicely came with a pressure foot that guided just that size.  I basted some batting to the back of the project to hold in its place, then rolled the backing to the front to create a frame around the outside.  (I’m not a quilter so I think this part could have been better but it worked for this.)

When all put together, I took some variegated blue embroidery floss to make some small ties in strategic places. To add a bit of sparkle, I used an embossing ink pen on the yellow flower centers and sprinkled some Altenew Translucent Pearl Embossing powder on them, and heat set with my heat tool.  I found a craft hanger at a local quilting shop that worked just great for hanging the finished project.

I loved the stenciling! I found that Altenew stencils were great to work with and the Craft Your Life Project Kits have so much to offer.  I will be looking forward to future sets.  So, think beyond the cards, and scrapbooking and see what else you can come up with!  If you make something please tag me @pennypynnonen on Instagram or Penny Pynnonen on Facebook.

This looks amazing, Penny! I bet everyone is amazed at the crisp result of the stenciling on fabric! Such a brilliant and perfect way to use Pigment Inks by Altenew! And you were right! The Persian Blue sure does match perfectly with the color of your wall! Thank you so much, Penny for being our Guest Designer for the month of December and sharing your wonderful project with us. We cannot wait for you to be back here again!

Everyone, please let Penny know how much you liked her “Stenciling on Fabric” project in the comments below. And I hope you will give this technique a try. Have a very Happy New Year!


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Annemarie Caister December 30, 2021 - 6:37 pm

What a fabulous result Penny! I am truly inspired to try my pigment inks on fabric too! Well done on being Guest Designer this month.


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