DIY Mixed Media Canvas by Nicole Watt – May 2022 Guest Designer

by Altenew

Hello Altenew friends! We are so excited to have Nicole Watt as our Guest Designer for the month of May!

Nicole is a Certified Educator and was part of the Altenew Video Inspiration Team too! We are sure that you remember her from the amazing live sessions on Altenew's social media channels! Today, Nicole will show how to create a DIY Mixed Media Canvas.

Mixed Media Canvas

Get to Know Nicole

Hi crafters! I’m Nicole Watt, a card and mixed media artist, and web and blogging technology guru!

I started cardmaking, mixed media art, and blogging over 14 years ago and never looked back! Today, along with my husband, I own a successful technology business that caters to creative entrepreneurs and is also the proud owner of Bloom Crafters – home of the Bloom Creative Community and the Bloom Technique Library Membership. I’m living my crafty dream!

I’m so happy to be here today to share with you a fun upcycled DIY mixed media canvas. If you’re lucky enough to get some of that amazing black and gold tissue paper in your Altenew packages, save it and have some fun as I did!

Nicole’s DIY Mixed Media Canvas

DIY Mixed Media Canvas

Let’s have some fun upcycling and creating this DIY mixed media canvas! 

All of the flowers I created for this beautiful 5×7 canvas are from recycled materials! When I received a recent box from Altenew, it had some amazing black and gold tissue paper. I know some other Educators and guest designers have used this paper too – it’s irresistible! 

To make it more durable, I brushed liquid adhesive on the back of half of the sheet and sandwiched it with the other half. Not only did this make the tissue more durable, but also double-sided!

I also had some calendar pages from one of my community members who was wondering how they could be re-used for a project… I did the same process with the liquid adhesive and backed one calendar page with another so it would be double-sided. Otherwise, the calendar grid would show and that wasn’t the look I was going for.

With both sheets dried, I used the Mini Rolled Rose die and cut out a whole bunch of roses-to-be. While I was at it, I die cut a pile of the leaves in vellum. I rolled the roses, adhered the end using a glue square, then added extra liquid adhesive to the center to make sure the flowers stayed together long term. Once dry, I did a little smashing and curling of the petals to give them some character. I really love how they turned out!

DIY Mixed Media Canvas

Preparing the canvas was pretty simple, but would need some time to dry.

I covered the canvas with Many Dots Washi Tape, then painted on clear gesso mixed with Antique Gold Metallic Ink Spray and let it dry. 

Then, I used the Leaves & Berries Stencil to add some texture with Embossing Paste. Again, this DIY mixed media canvas would need some dry time.

The last step for the canvas was to ink drip some color. I wanted to match the orange-yellow in the roses and add some shimmer, so I used the Antique Gold Metallic Ink Spray as a watercolor. It really fits the bill! 

DIY Mixed Media Canvas

To assemble the project, I arranged the flowers in a way that looked good, then adhered them down to the DIY mixed media canvas with liquid adhesive. I then tucked in lots of leaves and some circles of gold thread from the Metallic Thread Set. Lastly, I added some Satin Gold Sequins and some splatter from the Antique Gold Metallic Ink Spray

I put together a speed art video to show how the whole DIY mixed media canvas came together. Enjoy!

I hope that my project inspires you to upcycle some cool materials you have in your recycle bin! Thanks for stopping by, and happy crafting!

What a brilliant DIY mixed media canvas, Nicole! We knew you will wow us! Thank you so much for being our guest designer, we do hope to see you here again soon.

Everyone, please leave a bit of love for Nicole in the comments to let her Nicole how amazing her project is. Nicole blogs weekly at and live streams every Thursday on YouTube! You can find Nicole on Youtube and Instagram, and her Bloom Creative Community at


Mini Rolled Rose Die Set
[ ALTN ]
Leaves & Berries Stencil
[ ALTN ]
Many Dots Washi Tape
[ ALTN ]
Embossing Paste
[ ALTN ]
Antique Gold Metallic Ink Spray
[ ALTN ]
Metallic Thread Set
[ ALTN ]
Sequins – Satin Gold
[ ALTN ]

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